GB3PL is a dedicated ecommerce fulfilment provider, helping store owners scale to seven-figure revenues and beyond

Our History

Our founders, Robbie and Gemma Gleeson, saw an opportunity to change the face of 3PL. Instead of offering it as an ad-hoc bolt-on service to regular commercial logistics, they wanted to build something that made sense for e-commerce store owners. 

Soon, the couple began wondering whether they could leverage their five-plus years of running and scaling e-commerce businesses to deliver a best-in-class 3PL to other firms. Comprehending what other store owners desired put them in a prime position to build superior solutions for eCommerce fulfilment. Combined with their experience in retail and customer care, they would be unstoppable. 

Following these insights, Robbie and Gemma discovered a gigantic market for empathetic and tailored 3PL for eCommerce stores that was going untapped. The need for bespoke fulfilment assistance was immense. Within a short time, GB3PL was born, and eCommerce stores can benefit from a new service built around them. 

The success of our 3PL services comes from our core principles. Instead of being yet another client, our partners get proper care with a personal touch, letting them adapt our fulfilment services to their business needs. This approach is the best way to help enterprises become seven-figure-plus firms and succeed in a competitive environment. We put people, technology and warehouses in place to enable companies to scale and thrive.

Our Founding Pricinciples - It's who we are


We believe in committing to our clients and providing them with the most cost-effective and efficient services on demand. Nothing is more enjoyable than watching your ecommerce store flourish into a thriving online enterprise.

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GB3PL isn’t afraid to make bold decisions that improve our clients’ operations. We want you to grow fast, so we always push onward, providing you with the fulfilment processes and scalable services you require to meet your business objectives. After all, your success is our success.


GB3PL believes in honesty, transparency, and openness in relationships. As such, we communicate frankly with you, providing you with the best feasible information to drive your business forward and meet your objectives. Approach our colleagues at any time with your questions and concerns. ​


Excellence in care is a foundational principle at GB3PL. Our logistics services offer the human touch, contrasting with the impersonal approach often deployed in the industry. When you come to us, someone will always be there to talk to you when you partner with us – just pick up the phone. ​


We founded our business based on solidarity and collaboration. Our team believes in building healthy relationships with you that can stand the test of time, delivering valuable services in an approachable, person-centric manner. Everything we do, we do it together. ​

How We Work

Working with GB3PL as your ecommerce fulfilment partner feels pleasantly different, thanks to our commitment to our five core principles: Dedication, Progress, Partnership, Care, and Honesty. Talking to our team is like a breath of fresh air compared to conventional services, giving you the visibility and oversight you want over your operations. 

Our team forms a relationship with you from day one, continuously seeking feedback on what we could do better. We’re obsessed with meeting your needs, whether in our warehouses or via our bespoke fulfilment technology in Norwich. 

Part of this comes down to our employment practices. We only hire the best people – individuals who understand your business’s requirements and how the ecommerce sector operates. Our team is passionate about nurturing your store and enabling it to flourish in your niche, growing to six, seven, and even eight figures. 

Our fulfilment staff come from all backgrounds and walks of life, offering unique perspectives and insights that enable us to deliver the highest quality services. Many have extensive experience working in the ecommerce sector, fulfilling orders and managing delivery slots. 

Our magic approach also comes from continuously rededicating ourselves to our values and consciously reminding ourselves why we operate. We are in the business of making financial dreams come true, so we invest in the best technology and practices. Founders Robbie and Gemma and the rest of the team constantly innovate to discover the best practices and formulas for success. 


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