eCommerce Integrations and Partnerships

If you’re looking for a way to grow your business, extend your reach, and maximise your sales in the new year, we’re here to help.

As one of the leading eCommerce 3PL fulfilment companies, we help small business owners accelerate their growth and maximise their ROI. This is achieved by providing them with the chance to effectively manage their supply chain, while broadening their reach quite considerably.

Our pre-existing partnerships and relationships with leading brands like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify allow us to offer some of the best eCommerce Integrations and Partnership services around.


Manage your Amazon inventory, including Prime listings and orders through our GB3PL integration.



GB3PL seamlessly communicates with your eBay account, managing the reception of eBay orders, updating order statuses, and synchronising inventory across all your sales platforms.


Do you have an online shop set up on Shopify? If yes, that’s fantastic! We offer a ready-made integration to connect your store with our fulfilment solution effortlessly.


Efficiently manage and fulfil orders using WooCommerce, a highly popular and versatile plugin designed for WordPress. 


Integrate your NOTHS (Not On The High Street) store with GB3PL to streamline and efficiently enhance your order management process.



Automatically synchronise your Wayfair orders and inventory, and effortlessly upload shipment tracking information for seamless management.


Link your Wix store to our system for seamless management of orders and inventory.

Cin7 / DEAR


Integrate with Cin7 DEAR Systems to achieve efficient inventory management and streamlined order processing.


Magento, renowned for its open-source technology, is a highly popular e-commerce platform. GB3PL offers integration with Magento’s flexible cart system for enhanced functionality.



Link with Edge to receive real-time inventory updates and achieve streamlined order management.



Link with Oracle NetSuite ERP to receive real-time inventory updates and achieve streamlined order management.



Online retailers operating on Squarespace can effortlessly integrate with GB3PL’s fulfilment solution to optimize their online sales process.

Aero Commerce


Synchronise your AeroCommerce store with our system to streamline order processing and efficiently manage your inventory.



Link with SAP to receive real-time inventory updates and achieve streamlined order management.

One Time PIM


Integrate with One Time PIM to streamline product listing creation and handle multi-channel listings efficiently

Inventory Planner


Use our Inventory Planner integration to manage demand planning and inventory purchase orders


Link your TikTok account to centralize the management of your product listings, orders, and inventory all in one convenient location.



Integrate with Global-e for efficient management of international orders and to streamline your cross-border ecommerce operations.


OnBuy is experiencing rapid growth, and we are equipped to instantly fulfil your eCommerce orders from this platform.



We integrate free & fast with Xero so you can invoice your B2B customers automatically on order despatch.

Penny Black


Penny Black allows ecommerce brands to print personalised in-package inserts for different customer segments, turning the unboxing moment into a new marketing channel that retains customers and leads to an 11% uplift in repeat purchases.

What are the benefits of eCommerce Integrations and Partnerships?

There are many benefits associated with integrating different eCommerce platforms into your business model or partnering with leading (and reputable) brands. For example, this can:

  • Expanded Business Reach. According to a recent study, 72% of marketers struggle to connect (or find) their target audience, which can considerably limit their business’s overall success. However, promoting or selling products on established eCommerce sites or integrating them into their business model can bring their brand further into the public consciousness. This makes it easier for them to build a loyal customer base.
  • Improved customer experiences. Not only can eCommerce integration and partnerships aid customer acquisition, but they also improve the customer’s shopping experience. For example, they can allow for a seamless user journey through a brand’s website, from when they come across the product to when they checkout.
  • Improved inventory management. Integration and brand partnerships also benefit the business owner and the customer. For example, they can improve inventory management by tracking stock and sales effectively. This reduces the need for daily administration while also facilitating seamless transactions.
  • Improved online security. One of the biggest concerns small businesses face is cybersecurity, especially during payment transactions. Integrating with leading platforms means that business owners can utilise secure payment gateways, protecting not only their profits but also the best interests of their customers. This also means that customers know they can trust your brand when shopping, increasing their chances of paying for a product or a service. Not only this, but by diversifying payment options, you make your brand more accessible, too.

eCommerce 3PL Fulfilment from GB3PL.

If you’re looking to reap the benefits of eCommerce 3PL fulfilment, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. At GB3PL, we have years of experience in supporting businesses through different stages of development, thanks to our integration and partnership services. During this time, we helped one brand scale one to over 7 figures.

To achieve this goal, we’ve partnered with a wide range of recognisable brands and platforms, which you can read about in more detail below.

Alternatively, if you’d like to find out more, please do not hesitate to reach out today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have or to put together a plan for your business.


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